3D Charts Pro v5.0 Apk

3D Charts Pro v5.0
Requirements: 2.2 and up +Adobe Air is required
Overview: Create astonishingly good looking 3D Charts within seconds.
Visualize and share data instantly!

Get dozens of high end Charting types in 3D and 2D, landscape and portrait:
Percentage Charts:
● Pie
● Doughnut
● Pyramid
● Cone
● Funnel
● staggered Column
● staggered Cylinder
Combination Charts:
● Line
● Area
● Column
● Cylinder
● Surface (colored by series or by height/region)
● Stepline
● floating Area
● floating Column (Renko as single series)
● floating Cylinder
● Bubble
Radar and Polar:
● Line
● Area
● Rose
Try before you buy:
Including many free Charts!
All charts are highly customizable, set your own colors load photos logos as background and save the graph as image rendered in 3D to Android’s camera roll or gallery. Export as high quality PNG file with transparency (for graphic designers). You could use that image as attachment or upload it. It’s great for mobile blogging and for social sites … boost your data analysis.
This app is the enhancement for your mobile office and reporting on the move. Also it’s beloved for monitoring blood pressure over time recording body weight, mileage and electricity consumption … the isometric 3D projection makes data comparison easy and is very eye-catching.
An essential tool you don’t want to miss. This cannot be compared to Excel © csv. This charting tool combines beauty with purpose! The 3D Charts http://www.advance-media.com home page showcases our web based interactive animated and real time database charting software tool which is basically the same as this 3D Charting mobile app!
Set number prefix like ‘$ € £ ¥’ or suffix like ‘t’ for tonnes. UTF-8 font support. So type Chinese Korean Arabic Hebrew if you like. ÇÖéØ
Scaling (official SI abbreviations) font size bold number precision can be set. 3D-2D aspect ratio and width / height slider. Just remember your mobile device features high resolution DPI dots per inch screen compared to a desktop monitor. This means Chart images will look way bigger on PCs.
Yes, the data can be exported to Android’s clipboard, copy and paste. All data is automatically saved.
Intuitive self explanatory User Interface. The app’s online user manual will help you to get professional:
Tablets with big screens are welcome and can render even larger graphing images.
The free Air 3.2 library by Adobe is required. The app will prompt you to download that file from the Android market place. It is about 20MB in file size but can be moved almost completely to SDcard. Air 2.7 or other previous releases will not suffice. Please update.
FYI: This app is available exclusively on Android due to the excellent Adobe Air support.
Wishing fun with mobile 3D charting, be convincing, be successful!


– 3 new charts. Upside-down pyramid cone and funnel chart types are supported now. Firstly turn your device to the left or right while rendering e.g. a pyramid. Note the new and improved text layout to the left right or around any percentage charts in landscape mode. Secondly turn your device completely upside-down, all text elements will remain right side up. Go!
– New dynamic size adjustments to improve visualization on screens having up to 4k resolutions.

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