Alcruz Of The Astrophysia v1.2.6 Mod Apk


Alcruz Of The Astrophysia v1.2.6 Mod
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: “Heaven 穹 the Cruz”is a 2017/1/11 has been termination of the services

“Heaven 穹 the Cruz”is a 2017/1/11 has been termination of the services
. This playing until we had everyone,
Thank you very much. In the remaining period, until the end enjoy
If I am happy.
It is–
Sky, adventurers story

Air floating in the infinite ruins
This is called “treasure”Cruz”for
Floating cities area Ville gather adventurers

Hero of the lion is also the one.
Story, his three friends came to this from the start …

– Each of them lead to a simple battle
Screen, and enemies towards the character move!
During the time the combo occurs!
Easy operation is highly strategic battle enjoy.

●- The quirky characters who
Hero original, quirky characters
Attack is a strong character, a combo such as character, resilience and high character
Purpose is used by

I find it fun, and characters
Your favorite characters are!
When you touch the screen something to react to?

●Strong arms equipped with large damage
Equipped weapon of the character in the usability changes.
A strong weapon for battle forward!

●Friends and to make
Congenial friends and to have fun
Cooperation as part of the development advantages of full.

●4 people at the same time multi-play also available
4 people at the same time play is also possible.
It’s also for friends to play also good
First time meeting people who also enjoy.

●Gorgeous actors characters voice
Ishikawa the Tsuda Minami, Uchida, Y. horse Kaneko, Yuki
Tsuda Kenjiro Yu wood blue Island, Yamazaki Nobunaga Hayami Saori
Hosoya Yoshimasa Ishigami Shizuka kakihara Tetsuya suzaki Aya
Kurosawa and Umehara Yuichiro akasaki chinatsu in neighborhood serialization
Hondo maple thousand trees colorful flowers a long rope, there is also

●Recommended OS version
OS4. 3 or later(NEON technology is equipped with terminals)

Increase the number of player moves
Unlimited skills
Uninstall game in your device (if have)
Download and install apk mod

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