Big buttons – Launcher FULL v2 Apk

Big buttons – Launcher FULL v2
Requirements: 2.3.3 and up
Overview: Full version.
The simple and convenient interface will suit ideally for all those who prefer large inscriptions and badges on the smart phone screen and those who don’t like difficult and overloaded interfaces. It will also suit for elderly people and the people with weak eyesight.

The application will make it easier to use the phone for the older generation. From now on, even your grandmother will be able to send SMS messages and call the relatives! And the special SOS button might even save somebody’s life.
Young people will appreciate the opportunity to use their smart phone not taking off their gloves.
Even a child can understand how it works. Children can use this application on their first phone.
Big buttons – Launcher replaces the user interface of any phone operated by Android. The automatic application launching starts when the phone is switched on and it allows to avoid the native Android interface which causes difficulties for some people.
The big buttons are incredibly easy to use, that is why it is impossible to press the wrong button. The increased font and the bright icons are easily distinguishable. If you wish you can set sound and vibration when pressing the buttons.
There is a fast access to the chosen contacts in the application. Now you don’t have to look for the often used numbers in your contact list, now you need two pressings to do it, having spent only a second.
You will easily see that you passed someone’s call or a message thanks to the informative badges.
You don’t have to use glasses while using your phone now! You can be simply guided by the colours of the badges! And the large print will help you to read the inscriptions.
The digital description of the charge status is added to the battery indicator. You will know precisely, how much battery charge is remained in percent.
Both when searching contacts and when writing SMS, the large print is used. Each letter is clearly visible. It isn’t necessary to peer into the tiny print. Writing and reading SMS became incredibly easy!
Everything is at hand now. It is possible to attach the bright large tags to the often used applications, whether it is a flash-light,a camera, or Skype.
In the future you will get an opportunity to change the appearance of the application. Each user will find a design to his liking.
We strongly wish to make this application convenient for everybody. Don’t wait to tell us about your wishes and e-mail our developers. We are open to dialogue.

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Big buttons - Launcher FULL
Big buttons - Launcher FULL
Developer: DialerDev
Price: $4.52

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