Crusaders Quest 3.10.6.KG Mod Apk


Crusaders Quest  v3.10.6.KG

Crusaders Quest v3.10.6.KG

Match your path to victory in this epic adventure RPG, Crusaders quest!
Enter the world of Hasla and discover the mysteries that have fallen on the earth. Gather your team of over 600 heroes and quest through the real+time puzzle fight! Beat the waves of monsters and save the Goddess and discover who is behind all destruction!
+ Battle of the Soltar Corrupted in the fortress of souls and confront its evil corrosive magic!
+ Enter a retro 16+bit RPG and cross the land to save the Goddesses!
+ Enjoy a fast paced puzzle fight! Match the skill blocks of your heroes to quickly decimate your enemies, and deliver special devastating shots!
+ Strengthen your heroes and enter the Colosseum and battle against the power of the whole world! With more than 200 Heroes to collect, the combinations are endless!

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Crusaders Quest
Crusaders Quest
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