DC Legends 1.13.1 + Mod Apk


DC Legends  v1.13.1

DC Legends v1.13.1

While the darkness of the Black Night prophecy is based on all the worlds, our will alone can not save the DC universe in peril. It is up to you to lead to the victory a team composed of the greatest champions DC. Know, however, that an infallible strategy must be deployed to hope to restore peace.
+ Strengthen your ranks and form teams of superheroes and super villains from the DC world.
+ Create your version of the League of Justiciers or build your own group of Lantern Corps.
+ Bring together ever-present enemies, including Green Arrow, Doomsday, Wonder Woman, Doctor Fate or Harley Quinn, to build teams that suit each mission.
+ Fight Nekron and the Nemrods in a thrilling campaign at symbolic places in the DC universe: Metropolis, Themyscira, Thanagar and much more.

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