DESCRY v1.4 Apk


Requirements: 4.0 and up
Overview: A tough and strategic puzzle adventure roguelike where death is just a few steps away.

The premise? Simple. Don’t run out of energy, and delve as deep as you can.

You start with 100 energy, but every step and hit you take use copious amounts. The only way to regenerate the energy is to collect orbs. In a world where each step could be a wrong move: sense, strategy, and strength are required to descry the mysteries beneath.

Surviving is the aim, but going deeper is the goal. The complex contains secrets so unimaginably huge that it would be a miracle to stay sane – but you must find out, you must go deeper.

The retro stylised procedural maze provides infinite levels of replayability and challenge for even the most skilled.

WARNING: This app contains dark themes that may not be suitable for some. The game is also in continued development, any and all suggestions are welcomed.



+ Drastically improved help screen to give more direction (on both theme and gameplay)
+ Reworked main menu graphics to improve the look
+ Added a new secret type at medium+ depth levels
and tweaks

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