For Whom Alchemist Exist v2.2.0 Mod Apk


For Whom Alchemist Exist v2.2.0 Mod
Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
Overview: – Taken of seven sins, being tossed by the gods, and to whom will they fight? –

– Taken of seven sins, being tossed by the gods, and to whom will they fight? –

OP Anime Director: Masaharu Kawamori

Composer: Yoko Shimomura

The story of seven sins is spun by overwhelming quality animation and magnificent music, gorgeous voice actors!

◆ Strategy battle spread with the story of the seven main characters spun in 3D! ◆

Battle full of tension that changes the battle situation at once with a heavy drama woven by different chiefs by chapter! It is!

◆ Development system for diverse job & abilities ◆

Job choice greatly affects tactics, let’s foster firmly! Action · Reaction · Support Combine 3 types of abilities to derive equations of victory!

◆ Characters by gorgeous voice actors will be added one by one ◆

Abe Atsushi / Ishikawa Sekito / Inoue Yukiko / Ikezawa Haruna / Endou Aya / Ohara Sayaka / Kakihara Tetsuya / Kato Eri Misa / Kanai Mika /

Kitamura Eri / Kubo Yurica / Takeshi Oyama / Chiwa Saito / Takuya Sato / Aya Suzaki / Junichi Suwabe / Risa Taneda /
Nishiyama Kotaro / Noto Mamiko / Hatano Wataru / Hanoe Natsuki / Haya Saori / Higaki Yoko / Hidaka Rina / Horie Yui / Midorikawa Mitsuhiro /

Junko Minagawa / Mugi / Michira Ayase / Masashi Murata / Tsubasa Kenaga and many others (in alphabetical order)

Alchemist (Tagata) for anyone’s games is this game

· Authentic tactics battle game! Beginners to experts Make full use of alchemy and become a hero!

– Strategy simulation game where you can play with the strategic elements such as elevation difference and character orientation!

· You can experience cooperative play by experiencing Tactics RPG with spectacular world view and collecting friends!

· Deeply developed stories can be played as a story game!

· Because it is popular free online simulation RPG, you can enjoy multiplayer with friends!

· Because it is a strategy simulation, you can enjoy the fun of fostering characters and making them fight!

· Tactics RPG, simulation RPG can be enjoyed in various fields such as dungeon quest!

– Multiplayer can be done by tactical simulation tailored to the individuality of various jobs!

· Take advantage of individual features and be cool Enjoy the Tactics RPG with cute characters!

· Tactics RPG produced by popular game company “gumi” so you can enjoy authentic strategy game with easy operation!

· Tactics RPG with voice to make the character even more exciting!

· Because it is a four person struggle strategy game, you can enjoy it as a game you can play with everyone!

· Battle RPG plus strategy simulation adds excitement with Wai Wai Multiplayer everyone!

· Enjoy tactics RPG with realistic strategy simulation such as elevation difference and character direction!

· Because it is a free tactics SRPG, it is possible to proceed with strategy simulation by yourself carelessly!

· Because it is a full-scale strategy simulation game, even those who have done various strategy simulation games can enjoy it!

· Tactical Simulation Online RPG game playing with friends with cooperative play!

· You can combine units with multiplayer and fight strategy games with your friends!

· As both a strategy game and a story game, there are lots of characters with a magnificent world view and plenty of character, so enjoy it both!

· Cooperation games, online games that you can easily play online with everyone!

Alchemist (Tagatorame) for anyone is recommended for this person

· I love tactical games and strategy games especially with full-fledged tactics RPG

· Want to enjoy strategy games with fantasy worldview such as magic and alchemy

· I want to enjoy simulation RPG (SRPG) with various characters, occupation (job)

· Sophisticated people who want to destroy enemies with their tactics considering the situation of the field

· Train characters such as Heroes, Knights, Swordsmen, Mages etc and make their own units and want to play battle game with


· Looking for a game that you can play with four people in a fantasy world view

· I’d like to enjoy the story game with the voices of gorgeous voice actors

· I’d like to try Alchemist (Tagatorame) for anyone who can do it for free from single play to four people struggle

· Tactics I want to do adventure game with plenty of fantasy elements that I am good at RPG and simulation game

· I like role-playing games (rope) and I want to enjoy it even with simulation RPG (SRPG)

· Popular Tactics · Strategy Simulation Games Who wants to enjoy Alchemist (Tagatorame) for free

· Since I had only action games so far, I want to try Tactics RPG

· It takes time to commute to school, so I want to kill time with Tactics SRPG

· Cooperative playing tactics SRPG which can fight four people with fellows are looking for in online game

· I am looking for a tactics RPG that can foster charming characters and fight together

· I like training games that change jobs (jobs) such as knights, swordsmen, mages etc.

· I want to play tactical simulation with Alchemist (Tagata) for field whose field is 3D map

· Want to enjoy adventure games and dungeon quests with co-workers and cooperative games with online RPG

· Want to enjoy with popular simulation RPG, strategy game

· I’m looking for a gorgeous voice actor voice with a battle RPG like strategy simulation

· I want to clear the tactical RPG with tension by using my tactics / strategy

· I want to play a strategy simulation game that can be played with everyone in cooperative play

· I want to enjoy alchemy frequently appearing in role-playing games (rope) with tactics SRPG

· Dungeon RPG, including dungeon quests that can be played by four people fighting together, Adventure game like

· I want to enjoy tactical simulation battle RPG with characters with various characteristics

· I want to enjoy strategy games, loopre (role playing game) by moving cute mini characters in the field

· I like adventure games and simulation games and I am looking for fantasy worldview

· I would like to enjoy fantasy story games with alchemy and magic worldview

· Dungeon quests also have plenty of prepared dungeon RPG, adventure games

■ Word that is easy to mistake

Who is this game no alchemist / for others / because of / for whom / Alchemist for whom / Alchemist for whom

■ Application price

Application Body: Basic Play Free (Item Billing Type)

For this application, “CRIWARE (TM)” by CRI · Middleware Co., Ltd. is used


1.Improve injury

2. Move bonus

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