Hackers Hacking Simulator Full Apk


Hackers Hacking Simulator  v0.3.5.0

Hackers Hacking Simulator v0.3.5.0

A difficult game! The most advanced multiplayer piracy games.
+ Note: This game is difficult! You will have to watch the video tutorials and read all the notes and tricks in game to be able to win it … or at least, do not lose!
+ This is not true hacking, it’s just a game, all IP’s are fake and your device remains secure. And NO, you can not hack someone’s Facebook with or anything else.
+ Keep your IP in secret. If someone gets it, you will become an easy target!
+ Hacking others to steal money / code (Ready)
+ Check your history to find out who hacked you and avenge you (Ready)
+ When you connect to a remote computer, you can erase its logs to cover your tracks (Done)
+ Selling your software to the software center (Not ready)
+ Build and sell anti+virus software (Not yet available)
+ Making viruses / worms / Trojans / back doors and infecting others (Not yet available)

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