Heroes Arena 0.4.2 Full Apk


Heroes Arena  v0.4.2

Heroes Arena v0.4.2

Global mobile game 5v5 without lag. Quick, loyal and fun! Fight for glory! HEROES ARENA is the latest online multiplayer arena fighting game, and it is definitely the best. It is designed especially for mobile devices, in a spirit of online competition at fair, entertainment and lag+free! Experience intense fighting at one+on+one, three+on+three or five+on+five, and in other multiplayer combat modes where players compete to climb the rankings, get covered in glory, and get great rewards !
+ The classic MOBA experience with players from around the world, players in your area automatically joining your team.
+ The simple controls and game interface leave room for on+screen action while giving you total control of your character.
+ Advanced controls such as scheduled equipment purchase before fighting, leader skills, runes and other things give your character even more competitive advantages against the opposing team.

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Heroes Arena
Heroes Arena
Developer: uCool
Price: Free+