KMZ – Material Iconography v3.2 Android Apk


KMZ – Material Iconography v3.2
Requirements: 4.2 +
Overview: KMZ is an icon pack made specifically to match Material Design – Google’s latest design system – to its maximum potential. KMZ applies the new look and feel of paper and ink to all of your favorite apps and games, and brings new life into your homescreen.


There are over 1200 Material-themed apps and games, ensuring your setup stays consistent and beautiful at all times. For those of you who need a little bit of versatility, KMZ comes with approximately 150 alternate icons, including generic apps like phone, contacts, messages and more.

KMZ, for its attention to detail, creative approach, and beautiful precision, continues to be the standard for Material Design icon packs.


<b>KMZ 3.2 – The Gradle Build Update!</b>
★ <b>29 new icons!</b>
★ <b>Several icons have been updated.</b>
★ <b>Lots of activity fixes, yet again!</b>


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