Lua Player Pro HD POP UP 1.6.5 Patched Apk


Lua Player Pro HD POP UP  v1.6.5

Lua Player Pro HD POP UP v1.6.5

With re-sizing in a new window and multi-tasking feature, Lua Player is by far the most powerful media player on the Android market. This supports “real multi-tasking” in “Picture in Picture” mode.
Lua Player reads multimedia files and the most diverse streaming protocols. It supports most codecs with containers, including MP4, AVI and more. Subtitle files and subtitles online supports and multi-audio selection as well.
+ Easy to resize and move to any screen position! Play your videos with the game or on the chatting screen.
+ Can start with external file managers with pop-up window mode, which is the most advantageous feature between the video player applications.
+ Support high-quality video, including 720p, 1080p and more, which depends on hardware decoder and software.

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