Magnesium Launcher v1.016.1023 [Pro] Android Apk


Magnesium Launcher v1.016.1023 [Pro]
Requirements: 4.0+
Overview: Magnesium Launcher is a revolutionary launcher for Android which indexes items on your device and lets you quickly search through them at any time. You can also search for email messages, RSS / Atom feed posts, and social media posts that you have added using the launcher settings.


● NEW: Android Nougat-style folders! Drag and drop apps onto each other to create folders.
● NEW: Icon pack support! Over 100+ icon packs on the Google Play Store supported. Select your preferred icon pack from Settings > Personalisation > Icon Pack.
● NEW: Hide apps you don’t want to see in your app drawer. Settings > Personalisation > Hidden Apps.
● NEW: Background layer and app dock transparency settings
● NEW: Weather refresh interval added to settings. Settings > General > Weather refresh interval.
● Connect your Facebook and Twitter accounts.
● Select favourite apps to be displayed globally, or in the app drawer.
● Find files on your device by content, filename or file extension.
● Global device search for contacts, documents, email, feeds, images, text messages, social posts and more.
● Universal feed integrating notifications, phone calls, SMS, RSS feed subscriptions and social media posts.

Indexing and Search:
Magnesium Launcher indexes a number of items on your device, as well as posts from configured RSS feeds and social media accounts in order to speed up search. You can exclude items that you do not wish to see in your search results using the launcher settings.
● Apps
● Call Logs
● Contacts
● Email messages
● Files
● RSS / Atom feed posts
● SMS messages
● Social media posts

Upcoming Features:
That’s not all! There are several planned features for upcoming releases including
● Email attachment viewer
● Post comments and replies directly from the universal feed
● Reply to SMS messages directly on the universal feed
● Share feed items and posts
● Twitter direct message support

Usage Tips:
● Swipe from the left hand side of your screen when the universal feed is active to access the quick navigation menu
● Long press an app in the app dock to select a favourite app for that position
● If you do not wish to use Gmail OAuth, and you get an authentication failed error when trying to add a Gmail account with a valid password, you may need to enable access for less secure apps. Please refer to

Known Issues:
● Dropping an app that was dragged out a folder onto the area covered by the folder popup does not work.
● Some app icons displayed within a folder icon end up looking blurry after creation/update.
● Unable to scroll the app list while dragging an app

Manual configuration settings for popular email services:
If you’re trying to add an email account and the automatic setup does not work for you, you can try the manual configuration option. Here are links to the settings for the most used email providers.
● AOL Mail –
● Gmail –
● Hotmail or Outlook –
● –
● –
● Yahoo! –


● Fix: Cases where the home feed filter does not work after the launcher has been active for an extended period of time.
● Fix: App drawer icons not rendered properly after app updates.


More Info:

Download Instructions: PRO features Unlocked

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