Metro 2033 Wars 1.77 + Mod + Data Apk


Metro 2033 Wars  v1.77

Metro 2033 Wars v1.77

This is one of the most strategic and intense games present on the App Store! Welcome to the tunnels! Turn off your lights!
We are in the year 2033 and the whole world has been reduced to nuclear waste. Humanity is approaching its extinction and the radiation makes even the smallest part of the uninhabitable surface. New forms of life have emerged, adapting better to this new dark, damp world and extraterrestrial appearance.
+ classic turn+based game, intense strategic fights, with a wide variety of tactics and special attacks
+ open+world gameplay, with detailed, story+driven goals to guide you
+ 189 metro stations that you can exchange, fight or live, if you wish
+ 25 types of mercenaries with individual combat skills to create combat+ready squads

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Metro 2033: Wars
Metro 2033: Wars
Price: $5.99