Mini Nurse v2.5 Android Apk


Mini Nurse v2.5
Requirements: Android 1.6+
Overview: This application is made for student nurses and for those who are just curious about some of the education nurses need to know!


*Seasoned Nurses may not find this app useful!*

General information from medical terminology, medical abbreviations, medical suffixes and prefixes, different type of calculators, lung and heart sounds, subcutaneous injection sites, medical calculation practice, practice questions on various nursing subjects, and much more!

What’s extra in donate?
– no Ads
– 300+ (and growing) medical terms than lite version
– access to BMI chart in BMI calculator
– more RSS feeds to keep up with news in the health field
– more heart/lung sounds to listen to
– more available questions for game/review modes
– plus so much more!

 What’s New
[v2.5] – Added a simple ABG Interpretation (found under Assessments & Charting)
– Fixed a few database typos (please e-mail if you find more)
– Added IAD, IVDU, JVD, VDD, AMI, ADL, ATC, ORIF to abbreviations
– Added -um, -sis, -some, -plasm, -genesis, -ell to suffix


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