MU Origin TH v9.0.0 Mod Apk


MU Origin TH v9.0.0 Mod
Requirements: Android 2.3 +
Overview: Copyright official Korean Webzen MU, masterpiece timeless classic!

MU has returned!
Copyright official Korean Webzen MU, masterpiece timeless classic!
[MU Origin-VN] mobile version has officially launched!

== Introduction ==
Do you remember The Dragon King instead? Remember the sound whenever gems drop it?
Ten years ago, Manchester United became the miracle of 3D MMO,
Currently, [MU Origin] will follow the classic miracle that, officially back!
With design Unity3D, creating majestic fantasy world,
Immortal hero. MU immortal!

== == Stylish
※ Ten years scriptures, the glorious re-export
Three great heroes returned, classic recurrent copy!
Lorencia marketing confess, conquer the peak feat!
※ hoanhtrang graphics, extreme experience has
Offensive authentic, simple operation!
Exclusive skills, effective visual agitation!
※ Millions fight, the regal paintings promotion
Fight same server, enthusiastic PK!
Map majestic, freedom to explore, enjoy endless fun!

== == 3 large Class
※ Warrior
Use protective righteous life, combining strength and fighting techniques, beautifully skills brings regal aura, is lord close range combat.
Mystic power control, powerful magic metamorphosis, nightmare forever be the enemy.
Beautiful elves, Vu Tien fatal blow delicate, very few enemies can evade the body sensitive defense. Blessed are the archers, will have to accept serious consequences.

== == Information
[MU Origin-VN] Fanpage:
[MU Origin-VN] Website:
[MU Origin-VN] Email: [email protected]

== Equipment ==
Devices: Samsung, Sony …, suitable for the vast majority of equipment
System: version from 4.0 and above, with separate GPU
Capacity: 600MB or more

– x3 speed
– Unlock vip 12: Some of the VIP features (Remote warehouse, remote repair, remote potion shop, no wait time arena, instance teleport, 5% enhance)

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