MY LITTLE PONY Magic Princess 3.5.0 + Mod Apk


MY LITTLE PONY Magic Princess  v3.5.0

MY LITTLE PONY Magic Princess v3.5.0

After being trapped in the moon for centuries, Nightmare Moon has regained freedom and plunged Ponyville into the dark! Twilight Sparkle and his friends are the only ones who can free Ponyville from the grip of Nightmare Moon. Help them rebuild the city and reach their goal!
An additional download of 50 to 150 MB is required to play this game. Please note that the size of this download may change without notice.
The game requires an Internet connection (3G or Wi-Fi) for downloads and updates, and other features such as parties with friends, integrated purchases and viewing ads.
+ Your favorite ponies are there: Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Applejack, etc. !
+ Make Ponyville the most magical place in Equestria, and explore Sweet Apple Acres and Canterlot.
+ Play mini-games: Ball, Apples Picking, Magic Wings, Telescope, Crystal Mine and Equestrian Girls!

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Supported Android
varies with device

+ Hack Mod Unlimited Money

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What new in version: 3.5.0!

The Changelins are back. Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Discord and Thorax must save Equestria.

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