Pocket Universe 3D Gravity Sandbox 1.2 Full Apk


Pocket Universe 3D Gravity Sandbox  v1.2

Pocket Universe 3D Gravity Sandbox v1.2

Pocket Universe, the 3D gravity sandbox game, gives you the ultimate power to explore infinite space and simulate your own space full of different planets, giant giants, and stars.
In this gravity simulator application, you can literally customize any aspect of these particles to simulate and design your own sandbox from the pocket universe.
Pocket Universe comes with clean, clean design and 3D simulation is so smooth that you will not feel any hardship or LAG when bombarding your planets, or applying any condition to them.
+ Wonderful 3D graphics with smooth universe simulator
+ Super user-friendly interface with easy-to-learn gameplay
+ step by step and detailed tutorial
+ Large variety of particles, procedural planets, gas giants and stars

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