PocketStrafe v1.2.3 Apk


PocketStrafe v1.2.3
Requirements: 4.1 +
Overview: Finally, virtual freedom! We created PocketStrafe to solve a huge problem in virtual reality: motion sickness.

With our Android/iPhone apps and PC application, you can move throughout VR worlds by running in place. It’s more fun and more natural than teleporting, moving with a gamepad, or not being able to move at all! It also reduces or even eliminates motion sickness. With PocketStrafe, you may be able to play intense VR games you never thought you could handle, without breaking a sweat. Run around scientific laboratories in the Assembly, interact with people from all over the world in Altspace, explore the forests of the Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and run from monsters in Vivecraft, all while running in place.

Running in place is the natural equivalent of actual running. Runners have been running in place as a training exercise, called 100-Up, for over 100 years. Now it’s time for the rest of us to get in shape and have fun doing it!

Compatible with Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, or any VR platform for Windows. Works with any game that allows characters to move on their own!

Download the app and give running in place a try in these games: Altspace VR, Vivecraft (Minecraft VR), Windlands, the Vanishing of Ethan Carter for VR, the Assembly, the Solus Project, Merviles, Fated, Obduction, DolphinVR, and more. All highly recommended!

*** Features:
1. Highly adjustable, so it works for everyone. Adjust the sensitivity (how hard you have to run) and smoothness (how fast you have to run) to match your own body mechanics.
2. Choose from several input modes: keyboard, joystick, and gamepad. Works with coupled and decoupled head/torso models.
3. Download the app on another phone to use 2 phones at once, one in each pocket. The experience is 100% better!
4. Also available on iPhone.

*** Getting started:
1. Visit our website at http://www.pocketstrafe.com , where we have tons of info for you, including videos, FAQs, and links to get in touch with us.
2. Watch the videos on the Google Play Store and on the Cool Font youtube channel.
3. Download the PC application CoolFontWin from http://www.pocketstrafe.com
4. You’re ready!

* Note: We are not responsible if you accidentally step on your cat.


*** Features Added
+ May connect by entering an IP and port
+ Use 2 devices, one in each pocket
*** Bugs Fixed
! Crash when selecting Tutorial
! Potential crash when sending data to IPv6 address
! Wrong direction in Decoupled mode
*** Outstanding Bugs
!! Gyroscope not handled properly on some devices

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