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Iran’s top radio station Radio Javan hearing updated by a group of Iranian youth in Atlanta and Washington with the aim of providing for Iranian music around the world has begun to work.

Radio Javan “Youth Radio” best and most up to date reference Iranian singer of songs and video clips. This app has the best interface possible because it will be satisfactory both in terms of ease of use, and in terms of unique graphics that will fascinate every viewer. You can get your desired song through your Player app wherever you play it back. Radio Javan’s top radio stations to-date hearing is Iran. Radio Javan in October 2004 by a group of Iranian youth in Atlanta and Washington, DC thirty aimed at providing for Iranian music around the world began. The radio selection plays a variety of songs old and new. In fact, the young radio Iranian music is a universal player that many artists are currently working with this group.

Latest song and music video faster than any other site get!

Downloading music from Radio Javan:

Run the application and select your favorite song related post. Or using the menu next to the search for a music or a specific artist. Once the page has loaded the song on the first icon from the right tap to download music’ll be.

Download Application Radio Javan

Place store music downloaded from young radio:

All files downloaded software on the Storage / Android / Data / / Files / Download located and can easily access them.Download Radio javan

Features Radio Javan

– Play the newest songs published for the first time in RJ before anywhere else.

– Create custom playlists for both music videos

– The ability to sync across all devices and websites

– Recommend the appropriate music and vocals in every song

– Share music on Facebook

Access to exclusive podcasts DJs

– Possible within the app and play music in the background

Add new content every day

Version 5.0.5