RPG Fernz Gate 1.1.0g Full + Mod Apk


RPG Fernz Gate  v1.1.0g

RPG Fernz Gate v1.1.0g

After a few woods in unknown awakening, Alex, an ordinary high school student living an ordinary life, he learns has somehow ended in Fernland, a world where peace and order have been replaced by conflict and destruction.
Fighting to defend himself against monsters, the ever+disturbing threat of the Overlord, and one chaotic event after another as he tries to find his place in this new world, Alex meets a young woman named Lita of a Peaceful world as its own.
+ Join forces with buddies and fight! You can even meet familiar faces!
+ Enjoy the secret chamber and expedition buddies to pick up items or place them on stands to get special effects!
+ Plant seeds to grow fruits of growing parameter.
+ Easy+to+use socket controls on classic turn+based fights!

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