Servicely v4.0.2 [Pro] Apk

Servicely v4.0.2 [Pro]
Requirements: 4.1+ | ROOT
Overview: Remember that time when your device lost 50% of battery life during the night because a gazillion services from careless apps kept keeping your device awake and you have no way to disable them?

Or when Facebook kept waking up your phone for no reason and you find no way to fix it other than uninstalling it?

Servicely to the rescue!

First of all make sure you’re ROOTED (it won’t work otherwise). You’ll be able to select which apps will be put to sleep when the display goes off. Disabled apps won’t be able to receive any notifications or run any type of background job while they remain asleep. This method is pretty aggressive so you’ll lose home screen shortcuts or widgets for those apps.
As soon as the display goes back on those apps will be un-restrained again and ready to use if you want. Rinse and repeat! Magic.

You can also disable/enable permanently any service on your device. It’s useful if you have services that tend to auto-restart and keep your device awake, or if you have games sending you never-ending notifications.

This app is somewhat powerful so act responsibly when using it. I’m more than happy to help if you contact me :)

I take no responsibility for any fault caused by any procedures of the app. No warranties of any kind are given.


April 2017 release!
1 – The UI has been greatly improved and made more consistent across every screen #materiyolo
2 – The old “apps killer” has been removed and replaced with “Apps sleeper” which completely puts the apps you’ve selected to sleep during screen off. Probably similar to what Greenify does
3 – Running apps page has been fixed
4 – Replaced the old ads in the apps list with full page ads whicl will show up every now and then. Sorry (a man’s gotta eat), please forgive me!
Rock on!

This app has no advertisements

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  • Servicely - for your battery life Screenshot
  • Servicely - for your battery life Screenshot
  • Servicely - for your battery life Screenshot

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