STARLY GIRLS 星娘 (TW) v1.0.0 Mod Apk


STARLY GIRLS 星娘 (TW) v1.0.0 Mod
Requirements: Android 4.0.3+
Overview: The STARLY GIRLS Star Mother of the Chinese version

The STARLY GIRLS Star Mother of the Chinese version, in addition to inviting many of Japan’s most famous seiyuu, such as: water tree Chennai Chennai, on the Osaka cordierite, bamboo up color Chennai, Chau Saki Aya and other cooperation, in order to complete the presentation KADOKAWA GAMES in game design and delicate with the rich depth of the game content, the upcoming launch of the Chinese Edition, either in the game levels progress, or through the Meteor observations can be obtained of the star-mother role, even the games within the opening of the gravity machine and related arms with a series of props, open progress will be struggling to complete against the Japanese version.
Players will be transformed to”group asterisk”captain, led by all-star girls together to retake the Galaxy light. The game’s core combat way, is the Star of the girl driving the gravity machine way to attack, in battle players can through the master star twat in the battle with the attack timing, and with their special skills or joint attack skills to complete the levels. And players can be based on the levels of different with different star the girl with the gravity machine, through the policy and develop ways to significantly enhance the game depth and replayability.
“STARLY GIRLS Star mother”, is a rebel against the universe of creation will, take back our galaxy of shining and fighting story.
West 暦 2110 years. Stars between the navigation techniques to be developed, mankind was about to enter the cosmic era to the occasion.
Human suddenly witnessed in the sky on the day and in the middle, opening a big black hole.
That black hole means that, reflecting the universe the creation of the will of the”Creator”, the start of the offensive to the human host Galaxy.
Creation’s purpose, is to let all the multiverse of the dark(has been expanded the way eradication) to complete a truly Unified order of the universe. And this is also the universe itself will, at the same time also means that, contain the earth of the All and everything will be wiped out.
At the same time, the earth people also began to appear, acceptance starry the will and the awakening of the”STARLY GILRS”。 Known as the”star Mother”of them, have been able to manipulate the universe the dark matter the”G particle”of ability, is a special existence.
While the Earth’s gravity Technology Development Organization(GraD), in the secret in the star mother’s ability, as well as the Creator with a special maneuver weapons”gravity machine Gravity Gear”in research and development.
Now, you want to become a overweight force of sailing ship group asterisk the captain, and led the star twat to expand revolt against the Creator of the offensive battle.


1. Correction battle, the figure testing and other issues

– High Damage
– God mode

– 95% language game is TW
– First load game very slow, please keep calm

Install step:
-dowload link Playstore , dow data
– Just download & install mod, data download in game

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  • STARLY GIRLS 星娘 Screenshot
  • STARLY GIRLS 星娘 Screenshot
  • STARLY GIRLS 星娘 Screenshot
  • STARLY GIRLS 星娘 Screenshot
  • STARLY GIRLS 星娘 Screenshot

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