STARLY GIRLS – Episode Starsia v1.0.4 Mod Apk


STARLY GIRLS – Episode Starsia v1.0.4 Mod
Requirements: Android 4.2+
Overview: ☆★Next-generation training simulation game!★☆

☆★Next-generation training simulation game!★☆
“The girls Star, daughter of-“
☆★Star daughter (including)” x “G gear” x”universe”!!★☆
Super-gravity-sailing ship”access rhythm”of the captain,
“Vice-captain”and “Star daughter (including)”,
Special mobile weapon”G gear(Gravity Gear) to manipulate the universe the fate of the antibody,
Star Shine is regained as the next-generation training simulation game.

Distribution and management:aeria games
Planning and development:Kadokawa games
Director:Yasuda improve snake

[Game system]
“Access rhythm”of the Mother ship, and fellow”star daughter”with troops.
“Star daughter”different type”G gear”to ride, and weapons and equipment,
Battle of the stage and sortie.
Battle scene, the 3D representation of the special mobile weapons is”G-gear”,
Space real high-end battle.

Calendar year 2110. Stellar time-of-flight technology developed, and in the space enter the era of that era.
Human beings, the sky looks milky in the middle, all of a sudden, a gaping large hole, and all of the witnesses.

The universe the creation of the intentions of the people who embody”United Kingdom”,
Humanity in the Milky Way galaxy to the invasion to start as.
Data System, multi-universe, all the black out(dark),
“The orderly one, the universe completed.
It is a universe of intention and at the same time, that all,
Is earth the disappearance of meaning.

At the same time, earth, people, stars I received and arousal for girls, and
“Girls”appear. Stary girls, aka”star daughter”,
The universe is dark”G-particles”and the ability to manipulate, a special existence.
Gravity and Technology Development Agency program (GraD)is the Star, and daughter of ability and
For database access for special mobile weapon”G gear(Gravity Gear)”research on the secret we.

Now, there is a strong gravitational sailing ship-the rhythm of the captain,
Stars daughter was the Star of invasion fight war.

“Girls”universe, the creation of the intention, anti, our galaxy and the back story.

☆★Character&gorgeous actors! (Honorifics omitted)★☆
・To support the player”access rhythm”Vice-captain
Vice-captain: Nana Mizuki

・”Star and daughter (including you)”
Sirius: uesaka Sumire
VEGA: suzaki Aya
Services gas: bamboo we colored in Nara
Terra: Hayami Saori
Flow (max): Onishi Saori
Access type: Komatsu not visible
Access format: M・A・O
Altair: Inoue of flowers
Hyakutake(whew.): Sakura and Aya sound
Andromeda: Seto Asami, Risa beautiful
Aldebaran: Uchida true Rei
Cool・Japan: Yoshiki Nakamura?
…… In addition

・Story of the key to”system”
Tower: Inoue kikuko
Data: Ogata Megumi
…… In addition

From! Gorgeous actors appeared!

Theme song:”STARLY NIGHTS”(song:Sasaki, Lee child)

☆★Recommended environmental★☆
Android 4.2 and above

☆★Other information★☆

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Price:basic: free (- app purchases)

© Aeria Games / KADOKAWA GAMES

– High Damage
– God mode (maybe)
Uninstall game in your device (if have)
Download and install apk mod

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