[Substratum]N/Pixel Dark Theme v183 [Patched] Apk

[Substratum]N/Pixel Dark Theme v183 [Patched]
Requirements: 6.0+ Substratum Theme Engine | Root
Overview: This theme is exactly the one that Google put in Android M second preview and N, extended on more apps. Now with optional Google Pixel colors!

The theme installs through Substratum Theme Engine app, that you can download here, IT REQUIRES ROOT, Busybox, and a Layers or Substratum compatible ROM: https://goo.gl/BB5eio

THEME ABLE GOOGLE APPS REQUIRED, install this app* https://goo.gl/nH1xlo , download the package for your system, and install it from your recovery.
*If you don’t want the app, you can directly download the flashable zip here.
Theme ready Google apps gives the possibility to theme many things that otherwise couldn’t be themed, like Google contacts, YouTube, Google now voice recognition, and to improve apps like Google Plus (the only way to have cool cards without bugs is this, for example) and Play Store.
This theme has Lucky Patcher verification: if you are using it, uninstall it and perform a dirty flash of you ROM. If on stock ROM, you can dirty flash it by extracting its factory image and installing system.img only, using fastboot tool.

This is the icon pack that you can see in the first screenshot, that I personally made to fit dark themes properly: <a class="postlink" href="
or join my comminity and ask there https://plus.google.com/communities/108109701626930507263

The theme has been tested on stock Android Marshmallow, Android Nougat, Oxygen OS, YAOSP ROM (a Layers ROM), some Substratum ROMs.
Android 7.1 supported too.

Themed elements:

-Pixel boot animation;
-Pixel and Nexus ringtones and UI sounds;
-4 wallpapers;

-Android N-ify XPosed module;
-AOSP Contacts;
-AOSP Dialer;
-AOSP Launcher;
-AOSP Messages;
-Car Throttle dark mode;
-Documents/Download UI;
-DU Updater;
-ES File Explorer;
-Google Assistant (bugfree on Theme Ready GApps only);
-Google Calendar;
-Google Chrome;
-Google Contacts (with Theme Ready Google Apps only);
-Google Dialer;
-Google Drive;
-Google Keep;
-Google Hangouts;
-Google Inbox;
-Google Keyboard (only for Google Pixel colors);
-Google Launcher/Now;
-Google Mail;
-Google Messenger;
-Google Play Music;
-Google Play Store;
-Google Plus;
-Google Translate;
-Kernel Adiutor’s dark mode;
-Nova Launcher’s searchbar;
-N style notifications;
-Package Installer;
-Pixel Launcher;
-Root Explorer dark theme;
-Solid Explorer dark theme;
-Substratum app;
-Telegram (half themed only. To have it full themed, use Plus Messenger client, and use this theme: goo.gl/VPvSVO );
-Twitter night mode;
-Youtube (with Theme Ready Google Apps only).

Thank you all for supporting me. :)

-Fixed Settings for Marshmallow stock ROMs;
-Fixed Google Keep’s settings;
-Fixes in YouTube.
Check out Dark Pixel Icon Pack, made to have a cool appeal on my dark themes.
You can see it in the first render of description, and the link for the icon pack is in description too.

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