Tales of Asteria v3.10.0 Mod Apk


Tales of Asteria v3.10.0 Mod
Requirements: Android 4.0+
Overview: Tales series of RPG app!
◇◆◇And 200 million people topped!◇◆◇

Tales series of RPG app!
◇◆◇And 200 million people topped!◇◆◇
■A series of successive characters to take a completely new story!

Around the from around the world, the trees and flowers are crystal wrapped in that mysterious phenomena can be seen. People, the mysterious and beautiful phenomenon”crystallization phenomena, called him a”──in.
Access, and Elise, and Vale, field gas, and zero of 7 people, the hero of the world to protect our”crystal of earth and light”, ed. by start!

Collected who will fulfill the desire of said stars) and the──time.
– Brandon, headspace user what the world is”chosen”6 more answers.
6 to hero(Hercules, Lloyd, Luke, and Sophie,), time, time, each other’s thoughts, and some that ensemble to draw”star and the”Edit, and a new hero(level, grid,,,, -) The memory of the lost girl”Canon”with the end of the world to confront, and 7″destiny”story of painting”light and shadow of the Savior”edited by Miss.

■Gorgeous actors to record down voice!
A magnificent story with gorgeous actors of taking down voice colors.
CV Kimura Ryohei, and Aisaka ryota, Sakamoto, Masaya, from the Kondo, T., and hiyama, training, Hiroyuki, T., Hori, in excellent English, and
Grass Matsuo, Tsuyoshi Konishi, katsuyuki, Suzuki Chihiro, toriumi Kosuke, and hanazawa Kana, and Kanazawa Castle, Miyuki and
Sakurai Takahiro, Ishida Akira Morinaga science, Green River light, Kanae Ito and Hideyuki Tanaka, Koyama rikiya, and other

■Masterpiece of the opening movie!
“Crystal of earth and light”(EDS): animation production,”WIT STUDIO”×theme song of”Bonnie pink”
“Star and the”Edit:animation production”WIT STUDIO”×theme song”Do As Infinity”
“Light and darkness of the Savior”edited by:animation production”WIT STUDIO”×theme song”cream”
Series beyond, vigorous characters who, by co-starring with don’t miss!!

■Voice onboard! New sense cross slide battle!!
AUTO-mode equipped with a comfortable play.!
Refreshing tap action and a new sense of battle system that combines the white heat of battle quest system like!

■Friends of the bonds.! With fighting battle!
Guild and the friends to participate in real-time cooperation battle”battle battle”is also popular being held! Each with battle mystery and hidden significance, using a large Gigant monster.!

[Recommended environment]
Android4. 0 or above

(1)operation in other environments, events, and more.
(2)purchased for the recommended environment, it also may not work.
* For some models, the operation is unstable, if jewels.
(3)recommended OS version, the latest version it is not.

[For latest recommended models and other inquiries]
[Contact here]
【Bandai Namco entertainment official site]
【Title access United official site]

(c). in addition, including only
(c)fujishima, Kosuke
(c)2014 Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc.

1. Enemy has little health
2. Emeny has little attack

Install Steps:
1. Download modded apk
2. Install and enjoy

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