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Using the power of the crystal comes in an eye can blink your enemies to the ground. The game’s graphics and the engaging gameplay is indescribable.


Play “buck Vainglory” Google Play is one very popular as ever scored 4.2 out of 5 is acceptable.This is an action game in the style RPG game Super Evil Megacorp sent to Google by the company so far has been downloaded over a million times. It is also know as due to fun gameplay and style RPG with action scenes accompanied, to its devoted fans.

Welcome to the land of Halcyon Fold! Enter a world where technology and magic collide hard with each other. The battle that occurs in this world war by joining forces carried out and win every one of them only with the use of clever tricks of strategies possible. Nobody will fight alone in the game and fight all the battles of the team are summarized. You are able to together with your friends in a battle of three by three online companies and their skill in war and conflict around the action-filled show to other players. A wide range of amazing heroes that are ever more available for you to fight hard to get started with the enemy and hours of exciting action in the form of a game on their Android phones and tablets entertained.

Choose your hero and battle to destroy the enemy Crystal sure. In this game achievements that players will be assigned only for combat skills and teamwork! Together with its allies alive to join the heavy fighting, your hero has strengthened and roll each to the highest level possible and get to showcase their devastating attacks. Relentless rush of blood to kill your enemies with pure action and non-stop and enjoy the game. You can connect with other players around the globe to exchange ideas with them. Sectors and different gameplay modes that can provide the most interesting find of your taste and enjoy it. Vainglory already stepped into the world and a unique experience of strategy games will bring in your device.


Vainglory set of heroes has once again come together to experience a unique action RPG game at your disposal and you will be surprised. You have to control lightning and power that comes from crystals can be destroyed in a blink enemies and prove to everyone see your strength, you’re a real hero!

We recommend if you’re looking for a game with stunning graphics do not miss Vainglory.

Some earned honors:

– Scoring top choice to play mobile sites

– Earn score of 5.5 in the graphics!

– The winner of numerous awards

Features Vainglory

– Winner of numerous awards and international festivals mobile site Gymz

– Produced by sta to help Blizzard Entertainment

– Explore the stunning world wide!

– New heroes and many features

– Many items to add to any hero

– Play with touch controls and upgrading their skills

– Ability to connect the controller and controller supports Moga

– Stunning graphics and unparalleled game

– 60 frames per second the game is that it has helped the smoother.

Version 1.23.1

– Fix problems and improve overall game performance

Version 1.23.0:

– Added new hero named Gwen

– Added 5 new shell

– Added some new friends, teams and groups

– Select the type of party and play

– Chat continuously around the world

– Balancing game with added new features