Voice Dream Reader 1.1.64 Apk


Voice Dream Reader  v1.1.64

Voice Dream Reader v1.1.64

Voice Dream Reader is an accessible digital book reader for mobile phone and tablet. It uses advanced word engines, its interface is very customizable. He is able to accompany you no matter what your reading style.
Voice Dream Reader is able to play files in PDF, EPUB without DRM protection Daisy format books and much more. It integrates directly with the Bookshare digital book sharing service.
+ Continue reading your document when you lock the screen
+ change the voice and playback speed of: (50+700 words per minute)
+ memorize the name of the reading voice and the speed of it for each document
+ Switch between the original layout and text only for documents in PDF format + Syncronize words and lines by highlighting them
+ Improved readability of the text area and automatic scrolling + customizable including a character font for individual dislexics

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