WorldNeverland Elnea Kingdom 2.1.12 Mod Apk


WorldNeverland Elnea Kingdom  v2.1.12

WorldNeverland Elnea Kingdom v2.1.12

WorldNeverland + Elnea Kingdom “is a simulation game that allows the player to enjoy a free lifestyle in an elaborate sandbox kingdom. The large number of AI characters that move on the realm and to whom the player can communicate make the player feel as if they were playing an online game.
+ The player arrives in this realm as a traveler, becomes a citizen, and then lives there.
+ Each player has a house and on the ground. The player can also save money to move to a particular hotel.
+ The player can participate in the head or guest at events such as seasonal functions, public ceremonies, parties, weddings, births, and funeral services.
+ Players can become friends with and marry other unmarried characters.

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