Wormax.io 0.3915 Full Apk


Wormax.io  v0.3915

Wormax.io v0.3915

Play Wormax online to meet other players from around the world in real time or play in single player mode. Invite your friends to play together. Improve the level of your worm to be better ranked than other players.
In the mobile version Wormaxio you have to control your snake. The goal you are pursuing is to become the biggest snake and win first place on the server.
Win your first 100 points in Wormaz.io to unlock the “Suspension” skill. Accumulate 500 points to unlock the “Ghost” skill that allows you to hit other worms without dying. Do not forget that to reuse the skills you are forced to wait.
Play often, grow fast, increase your account level, and enjoy a certain amount of gasoline for every new league you win.

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